IT Students Association

Computer Science oriented Student Research Group (CS RSG) is an independent organization working under the patronage of the Institute of Computer Science. CS RSG was established by students for students.

The Research Group started its activity in 2004 with assistance of Dr. Wojciech Folta, former Head of Laboratory of Applied Informatics.

The principal idea of the group is to promote deeper knowledge of computer science and information technology among the university students as well as among the undergraduates. We want to do that in a way that is both scientific and enjoyable.

The Pedagogical University of Cracow
Institute of Computer Science
ul. Podchorążych 2, 30-084 Kraków, Poland
phone: (+48 12) 662 78 45
(+48 12) 662 78 46
fax: (+48 12) 662 78 46
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