Research Activities

Institute of Computer Science as an independent unit of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Technology was established on 1 September 2000. Initially it was part of the Institute of Physics and Computer Science (as the Department of Computer Science - KMK).

The scientific research of Institute of Computer Science
is conducted within five Departments.

Department of Computer Physics
and Quantum Informatics

Head of the Department: Jacek Migdałek (PhD,DSc)

Jacek Migdałek
phone: (+48 12) 662 78 47
www: -
  • Numerical calculations of the structure of energy levels in multi-electron atoms
  • Analytical solution of Schrödinger equation
  • Geometric aspects of quantum mechanics
  • "Dirac-Fock + core polarization" in calculations for the isoelectron franch series
  • Nonlinear partial differential equations in physics, solitons, integrable systems, classical and quantum field theory
  • Mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics (proof theory, problem of relevance)

Department of Cryptography
and Cognitive Computer Science

Head of the Department: Dr Lidia Ogiela (PhD)

Brak zdjęcia
phone: (+48 12) 662 78 67
www: -

Scientific study related to cryptography, artificial intelligence and cognitive systems:

  • Cryptography, biometric cryptosystems, key generation problems.
  • Cognitive vision systems
  • Computer understanding of images
  • Processing, analysis and recognition of biomedical images
  • Biometric systems - handwriting analysis (captions, ideographic signs, kanji)
  • Image recognition (syntactic methods, random graphs)

Research group website:

Department of Mathematical Modelling
and Simulation

Head of the Department: Professor Władimir Mitiuszew (PhD,DSc)

Władimir Mitiuszew
phone: (+48 12) 662 78 64
www:, research papers, scientific books,
Student's projects for Foundations of Mathematical Models

Scientific study related to applied mathematics and computer sciences:

  • Computer simulations in mechanics of composites and porous media
  • Symbolic and numerical computations in engineering
  • Industrial mathematics
  • Theoretical foundations of mathematical models and applications

Department of Educational Research
and New Media

Head of the Department: Dr Magdalena Andrzejewska (Eng,PhD)

Brak zdjęcia
phone: (+48 12) 662 78 61
www: -

In the Department of Educational Research and New Media are conducted interdisciplinary research in the field of community informatics (CI) - community networking, community technology. .

The main areas of research in the Department are

  • Neurodidactics, cognitive aspects of teaching and learning
  • Methodology of eye tracking technique in educational research
  • Eye tracking in the diagnosis of visual competence and in the design and analysis of human-computer interaction (HCI)
  • Teaching in learning cloud - a dynamic, online learning environment
  • Reception of real and virtual world by the child
  • Study the effectiveness of computer games as a tools of supporting the development
  • Determining the suitability of different methods of data preparation in the process of discovering web user's behaviour patterns
  • Web structure, web usage, and web content mining methods for new techniques of knowledge discovery on the web

Departament of Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition

Head of the Department: Dr Tomasz Hachaj (PhD,DSc, Eng)

Brak zdjęcia
phone: (+48 12) 662 78 66
www: -
  • Processing and analysis of multidimensional signals including IMU sensors, images, video, biometrics and medical data
  • Analysis and modelling of social media phenomena
  • Application of pattern recognition methods
  • Data visualization

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