The Institute of Computer Science supports classes by using teaching techniques adapted for distance education. This implies the extension of traditional lessons, conducted in modern computer labs, with additional material available on e-learning platforms.

This distance education platform by the Institute of Computer Science UP system is based on Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, GNU GPL), which was launched in 2007. Since that time, we have increased the number of resources offered by our e-learning site.

The e-learning platform allows students to gain access to materials already discussed in classes and lectures, as well as additional multimedia documents that are recommended by the department’s faculty.

Click here to open the e-learning platform of the Institute of Computer Science

Administrators of the e-learning platform

e-mail: moodle@ux.up.krakow.pl

Dr Marcin Piekarczyk
Technical support

Marcin Piekarczyk
e-mail: moodle@ux.up.krakow.pl
phone: (+48 12) 662 78 65

Alfred Budziak
Administrator of the teaching server

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e-mail: budziak@up.krakow.pl
phone: (+48 12) 662 78 48
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